Magic of Poetry.

Soft swishes of the sleek nib, as swathes of ink, curved to form letters silently, and wrote words that had never been said, but formed unsung melodies, in the minds of all those awestruck souls, that read the language of beauty, and art, as love poured from the poet's heart, spilling onto the parchment of… Continue reading Magic of Poetry.


Consciousness of merged souls.

Eyes locked onto mine, and I, transported, entered her body, travelling her soul, her mind. Exploding nebulae, and galaxies expanding, I was in nothingness, yet, I was in everything. Travelling, floating, running, at speeds so high, I was constant, an entity, present everywhere. My mind, melting, leaking out my skin, a dark fluid, a universe,… Continue reading Consciousness of merged souls.

A double Liebster Award.

Whoop whoop! I got nominated for two Liebster Awards, and decided I would combine posts. My first nomination was by harshxsingh, The Semicolon, a talented poet who joined the WordPress community quite recently, but has already posted some amazing poems! Check out his poetry by clicking on his name, right there. My second nomination was by flyingcolours603.… Continue reading A double Liebster Award.

Plugging out of the fast life (Photography Series).

These are pictures from a small trip we'd taken to Dibrugarh, in Assam. At first, I will admit, I was pretty upset by the fact the there was no WiFi, and my phone had no network, but after a while I decided to use that to my advantage, and take the opportunity to just take… Continue reading Plugging out of the fast life (Photography Series).

Dear people of the rainbow, (a slam poem)

You quietly pace around in the corners as you can't come out into the light because while love is so varied, so different, it isn't for you, oh dear god no, that would just be a hideous sight. Straight are the lines of light, consistent and white, Yet everyone fails to realise, that this world… Continue reading Dear people of the rainbow, (a slam poem)

Summer in December (Photography series)

Photography is something I really want to try, and I've been wanting to for quite a while. But, I never got time to actually pursue it with the same passion as I have for poetry. Nonetheless, these pictures are from about a year ago, and I recently found them and decided to put them up… Continue reading Summer in December (Photography series)