My life as a teenager (with Questions From A Teenager)

Whoop whoooooop! So, it’s finally here! The most exciting and productive thing I’ve done since my exams got over! A collab with Fiona from Questions From A Teenager (one of my most favourite blogs out there) on our teenage lives.
This was supposed to be published earlier, but my internet failed to do what it was supposed to do (everything in my life has the greatest timing).
We each came up with six questions, making a total of twelve (why did I have to mention the twelve? Not everyone needs a calculator to double check everything, Arshia. Stop being an idiot.) Aaaanyway, we then answered all the twelve questions, like a sort of interview for each other, except we answer the same questions.
We also decided to include some pictures of some memorable moments in the past few years. Forgive me, if they’re not the best quality. It’s the memories that count, yes.

Fiona’s questions:

1. What’s your favourite memory of your teen life so far?
My favourite memory of my teen life is most definitely, our trip to Hogsmeade at Isles of Adventure in Orlando, during our holiday in the USA back in 2015. I am one of the biggest Potterheads to ever exist, and I can vividly remember that as soon as I walked in and saw Hogwarts, and the Hogwarts Express and EVERYTHING, something in me popped, and I went insane. That was also the time when I got over my fear of roller coasters (and now I’m addicted to the adrenaline they give me).
June, 2015: My cousin and I, holding up plastic cups of blessed Butterbeer, with Hogsmeade laid out in all of it’s glory behind us. It might not show on my face, but I was screaming inside. This was the best dream come true, the closest I shall ever be to the Harry Potter Universe. Till date, that butterbeer has been the best thing I’ve ever tasted.


2. What’s one thing you wish teens stopped doing?
This might be really stupid of me, but one thing I really wish teens stopped doing is treating actual obstacles some people face, like trends for social media. I’m forever drowning in instagram captions like “I’m so weird.” or “Don’t talk to me, I’m awkward.” or “God, I’m so OCD.” and they’re all usually by people who in no way, are any of those things.
They talk about being weird, and accepting of other weirdness, but I say one word about my planet accidentally, and they look at me like I’m some weird, insane insect.
It’s really annoying. DON’T CLAIM TO BE SOMETHING YOU’RE NOT. End of story.
3. What book describes teen life the most realistically in your eyes?
I think The Perks of Being a Wallflower describes teen life the most realistically in my eyes. Things like stress, substance abuse, sexuality, friendship, chaotic emotions, growth, and so many other things are so beautifully conveyed in the form of Charlie’s letters. Most books for teenagers that I see popping up on the bestsellers’ lists, have the same basic romantic plot (other than the dystopian fantasy ones), and that does get old (or maybe I just haven’t found the true ones yet, I don’t know). I feel The Perks Of Being A Wallflower shows a lot of things teenagers experience really well, despite the fact that it’s based in a different time.
4. What’s one song that would be the soundtrack of your life right now?
Oh dear, there are so many songs that I could choose, but if I have to pick just one, I’d say Finesse by Bruno Mars. It’s really different from my usual jazzy, groovy taste in music, but it reminds me of some of the best moments in my recent life. I don’t listen to it as often as I did a couple of days ago (when I actually listened to it on repeat the entire time), but whenever I do, I feel amazing!
5. What advice (that you’e learnt over the years) would you give your younger self?
“Don’t stress when people call you boring just because you have a different idea of fun. You’ll find your type of people soon. And don’t change because that’s just going to make you unhappy.”
Farewell 2018. The first time I’d worn a sari, and heels. This was the first picture we took after we came (to my) house, before getting ready for the after party. I most definitely found my type of people xD. Ignore our faces (mine especially).
6. Write a poem that describes the life as a teenager.
This question took me the longest to answer, and took me over 5 rough drafts to answer. I’ve given up on writing a long poem, so here is a haiku, which technically is a poem. I’m not lazy ;-; just not creative enough (I’m sorry, Fiona).
Life as a Teenager
My teen life has been,
in the most beautiful way,
a perfect chaos.
I took this picture, on 25th April, 2018. My last exam. I was elated, the skies were as blue as sapphires, and I’d found a natural flower crown among the bougainvillea. A beautiful, perfect, chaotic life indeed.
My questions: 
1. When you grow out of your teenage years, what’s one thing you’ll miss about being a teenager?

One thing I’ll really miss about being a teenager, is how carefree life actually is. Like yes, I get it; we have big exams, and we’re coming into our own, but honestly, for the most part, we’re still under our parents’ protective wings, we don’t have to worry about actually facing the real world (things like jobs, money, looking after ourselves).

I’d also miss the emotions. For example, the ability to cry about a problem, and within two minutes, feel like I’m the happiest person to ever exist. Also, the magic. I think there’s a certain magic intrinsic to the teenage life that makes us feel like we could live forever. I can’t really explain it better than that. AND TEENAGE LOVES, YES. Irrational and magical.


That’s four things. I can never stick to a limit, sigh.
This was taken on one of the days in the beginning of class XII, when we were having half days, but I had to stay back for the remaining hours because my mom couldn’t pick me up earlier. Two of my friends stayed back with me, and we’d just be chilling in some empty classroom, singing out loud, taking pictures, lying on the ground (why, I don’t even know), talking about the most random of things, like we didn’t have a care in the world, and as if we didn’t have to worry about the biggest exam of our lives yet.
2. What was one thing you learnt about yourself during your teen years?
I learnt that I was more intelligent than I thought I was, and that numbers on exam sheets, on weighing scales, or anywhere else, didn’t really have anything to do with who I was, despite so many people believing so.
3. Describe your life as a teenager in five words. (could be a sentence, or individual adjectives)
Chaotic, carefree, beautiful, curious, confused.
An accidental selfie, but also probably the coolest. This was after my class XI exams, and we’d gone to visit my dad in Assam. We were travelling all over in a little car (I love road trips), with flora and fauna all around (I love flora and fauna), and I was listening to my favourite music


4. What were your opinions and expectations about the teenage life as a child?
 When I was younger, I always found teenagers around me to have really huge groups of friends that they partied and had fun with all the time. I used to think it was something that came with being a teenager.
I also used to, very seriously, disapprove of the idea of swearing (lol, okay young Arshia), drinking, and smoking, which were things that characterised teenagers in my eyes. I remember promising myself that I would never do any of those things, and that I’d always stay the angel everyone thought me to be.
This picture was taken in December, last year, when my best friend from class VII and VIII (who moved to Australia after that) came to India for a month or so! I’d been really scared because I felt that I was still pretty similar to who I was back when I was 11, and that she’d changed. BUT I WAS WRONG. Hanging out with her felt like hardly any days had gone by, let alone 6 years! Friends like these are honestly the best types of friends ever. This is not the best picture of us xD, but it is the most candid, thus capturing the moment. I’m sure I said something hilarious, I’m really funny (lol, no.)
5. (In continuation to 4.) As a teenager, do you feel those opinions and expectations have been validated or fulfilled?
Honestly, no. Not one bit. I don’t have a huge group of friends (couldn’t be happier about it), and I’ve hardly ever gone for a party! I swear all the time, out loud and in my head, and it’s almost like instinct because the angst is real, people. And even though I don’t drink or smoke, I’ve come to respect others’ choices to do so, even if it does disappoint me when I see them hungover and making bad decisions under the influence of whatever substance they’ve been using. Thankfully, the respect goes both ways, and I’ve never really been influenced by peer pressure.
This picture was taken at the end of the only actual party I’d ever been to. The Farwell (senior prom equivalent?) After Party. My best friends and I realised we hadn’t taken a single picture of the three of us together, so we took this in the elevator while leaving (now our friendship is finally validated xD). I was actually really happy to leave, because once again, parties aren’t my thing. Plus, the people that actually mattered (these two xD) were going to spend some time at my place, and honestly, that was the best part of the entire day. Also, I’m not that short. Shorter than them yes, but not that short. I was in front and I didn’t want to block their faces. Yes, saying that was necessary.
6. What’s something you want to do, while you’re still a teenager?
I really, really want to go for a road trip with a small group of friends (I’m saying small group as if there’s a chance of there being a large one, god). I’d like to go somewhere I’ve already been to as a child, and rediscover some places. I’ve actually got a haunted hotel on my list, along with tribal villages and other magical places.
I believe in magic way more than other people my age. I honestly think I’m a 6 year old at heart.

 And that concludes it! That has been my life as a teenager up until now! I’ve still got a couple more years to go, but the keyword is still going to be ‘Chaos’ I can tell.
Head on over to Fiona’s post to read about her life through her teenage years. If you liked this post, you are sure to love hers!
I absolutely loved this collaboration, and I hope we do more in the future!


  1. AAAAAHHH The Perks of A Wallflower I totally forgot about that book! One of my favourites for sure. It’s just a beautiful story about a teen coming to terms with himself and slowly feeling accepted by others, but more importantly, himself.

    I love all of the photos you included in this post, sometimes the blurry ones are the best memories! And the thing you wrote about social media and people sometimes even using real mental illnesses as a way to come across as more “relatable” or whatever – I agree so, so much with you on that.

    I had a lot of fun collaborating with you on this post, we should do it again sometime!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! I love that book so much. Definitely one of the longest book hangovers, too.

      I’m so glad you agree, because most people don’t see it that way and just comment things that just further encourage using actual problems as trends, and for the purpose of fishing for compliments.

      I absolutely loved this collab too! Hope there’s more to come 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was such an enjoyable read!!
    Loved perks of being a wallflower.
    I find the contents in this post very very relatable.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved reading this post! I’m a new teenager and I’ll be turning 14 at the end of this year. I think reading these questions from other teenagers and you answering them really helped to gather all of my thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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