I am now offering tarot readings!

Yes, you read that right, although I’m not sure if it’s as exciting as it seems to me, hahaha!

>> If you want to skip the intro and go straight to the prices and my explanation, scroll past 3 paragraphs.

Ever since I last wrote about tarot on here, I’d like to say that I’ve improved quite a bit, and I’ve given readings to not just friends and family, but also far-off acquaintances as well as some people I don’t know. Before I felt sure about offering readings to people, I wanted to test myself and the way I did it was by giving away three readings through my tarot account on Instagram (which I’ll also be linking below if you want to check that out!

I shared a post that said I’d be offering a free, one-question reading to the first three people who messaged me for one, and I didn’t expect to get much of a response, but I think the idea of a free reading really appealed to people and I had gotten more than 10 messages before I could edit the post to say the offer was closed.

Of course, I won’t be sharing any details about the people I did readings for, but they were from all parts of the globe, and I gave them really detailed readings on the question they asked. And when I say detailed, I mean pretty detailed! They were all text-based readings, meaning they’d ask me a question and I’d message them with a reply in 24 hours, and each reading came out to be longer than 1500 words. I know that can seem pretty long, but I think if I was getting a reading, I would love for there to be quite a lot of detail. And I don’t really know what the standard length of a text-based reading is.

And with that, I am now offering readings! I thought a pretty long time about the prices I should set, because I don’t want them to be expensive, but I also don’t want my own time and effort to be undervalued, and the prices that I’ve set are as follows!

Any 1 question detailed reading – USD 5 / INR 300

Any 2 questions detailed reading – USD 8.5 / INR 500

Any 3 questions detailed reading – USD 11 / INR 700

I know that for some people these prices might be okay, but there might also be people who would like readings but wouldn’t be able to pay this amount, so you can follow me on Instagram @arshiastarot where I’ll be holding giveaways for readings now and then, or you can email me at arshiatarot@gmail.com / text me on Instagram and we can figure out a discount for you!

My motive for doing these readings isn’t just to earn some extra money on the side (while that would help in me supporting my passions and interests), but also to help people who genuinely want to feel more empowered in their journeys and gain more insight into the various aspects of their life!

For every question I’ll pull a combination of tarot and oracle cards, and you’ll receive pictures of the cards as well as a detailed explanation of everything I see going on for you! My readings for now will be just text-based (you can choose whether you want them emailed to you or texted to you on Instagram; whatever works for you), but I would like to expand to giving readings on audio and video calls sometime later. I tend to stammer while talking if I’m even slightly nervous so I’m most confident with writing (as is obvious, with this blog of mine being heavily text-based) but I’m hoping to overcome that nervousness soon!

That is it for this post because it was more of a small announcement than anything else, so I hope you feel free to reach out to me if you want a reading because I would be honoured to read the cards for you!

Tarot Instagram: @arshiastarot

Main Instagram: @uhrshiah

Email for tarot related things: arshiatarot@gmail.com


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