Hi there!

I’m Arshia, your friendly bloggerhood alien teenager. I have an imaginary planet in my mind, called Adaria, which is why this blog is called Words from Adaria. The words are from my most alien version of me.

I’m an undergraduate student, studying Philosophy at the University of Delhi, and I took Philosophy because of, well, my tendencies to constantly question life and myself, to make universe theories (if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m quite obsessed with the universe. Alien. Planet. Philosophy. You get it), and to be philosophical in general.

This blog’s come a long way, and if you scroll down to its baby stages, you’ll see it was more of a poetry blog, but over time, it has grown, just like I have, into a more diverse blog, holding not only my poetry, but also my photography, my travel blogs, my ideas about the universe, my take on what I study, and my own theories when I come up with them.

Hope you find your stay here pleasant and fulfilling.

Issa me, wearing my favourite colour from head to toe.

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