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I’m Arshia, a 19-year-old studying Philosophy; trying to make sense of the big thoughts, and even bigger questions in my head by penning them down here.

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October, 2018.
August, 2019

Songs I’m obsessed with currently

Seabed Eden, by Ichiko Aoba.

Homage, by Mild High Club.

Saw You in a Dream, by Japanese House.

Warm, by Dre’es (feat. Mia)

Welcome to my little corner on the internet!

“To define something is to destroy it.” is a quote I read in a book, and recently, I’ve begun to identify with it very strongly, but then again, to leave an “About” page empty especially after putting it in my primary menu would be a little ridiculous.

So, welcome to Arshia, a blog that expresses so many of the little parts that make me, without defining me. You’ll find an eclectic mix of the tumultuous thoughts that float around in my head, and you’re likely to find at least one thing that interests you (or so I’d hope). I hope you have a pleasant and fulfilling stay here!

Just some things I like

The smell of musty books

Tattoos and piercings

The violet sound of bass guitars

Small wildflowers

Travelling the world

Old, worn things

Describing things in strange ways

The sound of the cello in classical music

White sneakers, and odd denim jackets

The Stages of My Blog

Words From Adaria
(Oct 2017 – May 2018)
My blog was originally called ‘Words From Adaria’, named after an imaginary planet in my head where I was the queen. It was a poetry blog, and most of it’s growth I owe to the community of poetry blogs on WordPress.

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Words From Adaria
(May 2018 – April 2020)
I started college, and decided to grow my blog into more than just poetry because there was so much more I wanted to talk about. I discovered some lovely new blogs that I drew inspiration from, and started writing about books, movies, philosophy, travel, and so much more, along with sharing my poetry.

(April 2020 – present)
I still write about the same things (hopefully, better articulated), but I grew out of Adaria. Now it remains a cherished memoir in the shelves of my memory, and I’m looking forward to growing more, and adding so many new things to myself!

Some of my newest posts: