Want a tarot reading?

Hi there! My name is Arshia, and I would be honoured to read the cards for you!

If you would like a tarot reading, email me at arshiatarot@gmail.com, or, if you feel more comfortable, send me a dm on Instagram @arshiastarot!

Here’s a post explaining a little more in-depth about how I came to offer tarot readings, as well as my prices: I am now offering tarot readings! I am always open to discussing the prices of my readings since my aim, first, is to help you feel more empowered in yourself.

Don’t hesitate to reach out, and I will help you to the best of my abilities. Have a nice day!


A big, big thank you to all the people who took the time to send me their feedback or leave me reviews!

Note: some profile photos have been hidden for anonymity. Feedback that included important information from the readings have been left out to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

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Slide 1. Heyy, just wanted to drop in a small little feedback for the tarot reading you did for me: Honestly, you defined my life better than I could have and captured all my dilemmas ahahah, the accuracy was beyond my wildest imagination and I was genuinely amazed. It really brought a lot of subconscious things to the forefront and wasn’t something generic, and I really really appreciate you for thatt💓 Thank you so much for putting in your time and effort in doing this for me, I’d totally recommendd and personally vouch for youuu🙈🌸 All the love and luckkk gurll✨

Slide 2. Arshia Tarot is awesome. She had a great handle on my situation and I provided very little details. I needed insight on a major decision, which is why I contacted her. She knew the reasons I wanted to move as and what was going on in my life. She told me what to expect once I took that step. Nothing but good things are coming! Thank you.

Slide 3. Thanks for the tarot reading, Arshia. It was so accurate and in-depth. Some things were so on point, it actually scared me…haha XD
I really appreciate your support and you’ve LITERALLY cleared my mind about something that is so important to me at this point.🥺
Thankyouu so much! And I guess, I’m gonna need another reading pretty soon😂

Slide 4. I had to reread it because I couldn’t believe how accurate the reading was. The subtleties of it were beautifully and concisely put across, giving the reader a sense of comfort. It felt extremely authentic and was obviously conveyed well. I felt urged to slowly explore some topics that were brought up, in a very positive manner. Thank you so much for this.

Slide 5. Hello! I have been working like crazy these few days! Thank you so much for the detailed reading! This lady is a phenomenal tarot reader! I took the time to throughly process everything she told me and I’m glad I did!